Unrivaled Economic Insights

We provide the most advanced economic analysis for complex securities litigation
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Sophisticated Economic Analysis for Complex Securities Litigation

We are a  full-service economic consulting firm that offers economic analysis for the Securities Litigation industry


We are the only economic consulting firm that provides judicially approved and legislatively compliant damages to facilitate the predictive modeling of settlements for class action securities litigation. Our innovative technology offers the securities litigation industry a more robust approach to understanding severity. Finally, surgically precise analytic-driven decisions based on financial and market metrics that are directly tied to  the allegations in securities class action litigation are available.


CourtCasting is the only economic consulting firm that generates instant complex economic insights. The firm invested heavily in creating sophisticated proprietary software with the power to analyze comprehensive market, financial and legal data instantly.  With this technology we can generate limitless scenarios delivered quickly to match our clients’ commitment to the highest levels of service on a consistent basis.  We offer senior managers the ability to employ advanced diagnostic and systemic analysis.


One of the greatest barriers to adequately assessing settlements has been the lack of access to sophisticated case-specific plaintiff style damages analysis. CourtCasting combined the deep expertise of economists with advanced technology to eliminate this hurdle.  Relevant legal and economic factors are seamlessly incorporated with granular financial data to analyze  potential settlements.   We provide clients with the ability to deeply understand the liability, damages and projected settlements for every case filed.

Economic Expertise + Powerful Proprietary Software

Effective, accurate and versatile economic analysis


Efficient Results

With our proprietary software, our economists have the ability to generate sophisticated economic analysis instantly


Proven and Accurate

Unrivaled accuracy through automating 98% of repetitive error-prone manual tasks with judicially approved methods.


Incomparable Versatility

Powerful software conducts scenario analysis across 22 variables and delivers the fastest results in the industry.

Proven and Accurate

Over the past 20 years, the quality of economic analysis has remained virtually unchanged while the cost of testifying economic experts has reached $2,000 per hour.  High billable hours, resulting from manual processes, combined with the immense expense of technological research and development deterred innovation in the economic expert industry.

At CourtCasting, we developed leading edge technology to automate the repetitive error-prone manual tasks in economic analysis.  Our proven sophisticated process leads to superior economic knowledge and greater informational leverage.  With CourtCasting, our clients can minimize risk while substantially improving profits.

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