CourtCasting is a full-service consulting firm that leverages the power of expert economists and technology to instantly generate economic analysis for complex securities litigation.  As a result, we are able to provide advanced diagnostic and systematic independent economic analysis to assess both liability and damages valuations for class action securities cases.  We conducted intensive research to develop software that automates 98% of the error-prone manual tasks in economic analysis, leading to unrivaled accuracy and precision.  With CourtCasting, clients have the ability to overcome the two greatest hurdles in obtaining informational leverage:  time and capital.

The essence of Law is information and the dissemination of information.  Over the past two decades, the data processing techniques for economic analysis in complex securities litigation have remained virtually unchanged. The expense of research and development, coupled with high billable expert fees, deterred any significant innovation.  Consequently, the securities litigation industry has endured decisions based on limited and generalized risk analysis, resulting in greater risks, higher losses and lower profits.

Informational Leverage | Superior Results

With CourtCasting, surgical precision in risk and profit management is finally available to our clients.

Expertise | Technology | Innovation

We effectively combine the deep expertise of our economists with our sophisticated proprietary software to quickly assess litigation risk.  This powerful pairing yields unrivaled accuracy and versatility by minimizing error-prone and repetitive manual tasks in economic analysis.  Our unique system allows our economists to generate results instantly.

Choose to Lead Wisely

With integrity and transparency, we invested heavily in developing and designing innovative leading edge technology so clients may lead with analytic-driven decisions.  Meaningful productivity improvements in economic analysis for complex securities litigation are available today.  Choose advanced solutions to empower and lead your firm to a winning competitive advantage.