Advanced Economic Analysis

Providing Clarity Within the Complex


Complex management of litigation risk requires exceptional financial, legal and economic metrics to lead with precision and confidence.  Superior information also leads to greater leverage in negotiations, resulting in more favorable profit and risk outcomes.  Does your firm have the necessary information to lead with surgical precision?   Do you include potential liability derived from Plaintiff style damages models?  What level of accuracy do your clients and shareholders require?

Economic analysis across all facets of complex securities litigation

For Rule 10b-5 and Section 11 and 12 cases, our economists conduct analysis related to market efficiency, loss causation, materiality, predominance, and damages

Agile + Accurate = Leverage

Our firm integrates economic expertise with sophisticated event study and Plaintiffs’ style damages analysis software. This exclusive pairing greatly augments our capabilities while reducing repetitive error-prone tasks in the economic analysis of complex securities litigation. We made significant investments to develop a proprietary process to offer best in class service to our clients. In our pursuit of innovation, clients are empowered to assess intelligently, negotiate confidently and lead with precision.

Expedited + Affordable = Critical Advantage

CourtCasting is a client-centric economic consulting firm that is transparent in our business practices.  We aim to set the industry standard in service.  Our exclusive process delivers high quality, independent economic analysis at a fraction of the time and cost of engaging traditional expert consulting firms.  Our firm’s advanced solutions offer clients a critical advantage in risk analysis which leads to higher profits.


We integrate economists’ expertise with leading-edge proprietary technology to offer unrivaled accuracy in complex economic analysis.


Our economists present clients with extensive scenario analysis and deliver results faster to achieve negotiation leverage.


Our cloud-based software analyzes liability and damages at a fraction of the cost and time of engaging traditional expert firms.